Dog Harness

$49.99 CAD


Get the perfect combination of style and functionality with our Prussian Blue Dog Harness. This dog pulling harness offers both a fashionable look and practical features, ensuring your pet's comfort during all activities. Moreover, we’ve designed it to make it hassle-free to put on, ensuring your pet's comfort during various activities.


  • The back D buckle is strategically placed for quick adjustments and easy decompression during your dog's runs.
  • The chest pad design relieves chest compression and back strain, making every adventure a breeze.
  • Our swivel hook, made from mountaineering-grade matte zinc alloy, ensures safe travels without rope knotting.
  • Compatible with our dog collars and leashes.


Color: Prussian Blue
Material: Nylon & double-sided napa PVC leather:
Weight: 112 g

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